• Amy Shiah

Freestyle Session partnering with Old Spice

We all know Bboy jams to be the perfect breeding grounds for both the illest of flavors and the mustiest of smells. In addition to Monster Energy, in 2018 Freestyle Session will be partnering with Old Spice Deodorant to bring deodorant at all future events. This partnership has long been awaited by spectators and fellow competitors alike. If you forget your deodorant at home, Monster energy girls will now be lathering antiperspirant on your very own sweaty armpits. In collaboration with Old Spice, Freestyle Session will be hosting WHO’S GOT THE FUNK on November 11th at the Freestyle Session world finals. A competition of which bboy/bgirl has the NASTIEST and MOST FOUL FLAVOR! Sign up or submit your STANKIEST crew mate for this competition on the Facebook page. Winner will win $500 cash prize and a year’s supply of Old Spice Deodorant.

Why Old Spice Deodorant?

Over the last few months, the Freestyle Session laboratory has been performing rigorous tests to find out which deodorant brand would be able to withstand the style and athleticism that is associated with breakin’. Scientists were hired by approaching random bystanders walking around who looked smart while wearing glasses.

Extremely accurate “science” was used to test the wearability of America’s five leading brands of Deodorant: Old Spice, Axe, Degree, Gillette, and Dove. These five brands were tested in a high humidity hyperbolic time chamber, at a controlled temperature of 84 degrees Fahrenheit to best mimic the conditions of your local jam or club. A double blind test was conducted on bboys (n=10) and bgirls (n=10) from the 7 continents, including Antarctica. The subjects were separated into 5 groups. Each group consisted of 2 Bboys and 2 Bgirls who were tested with one brand of deodorant. Each individual was asked to perform 20 six steps to as a measure of style and endurance and 3 airflares as a measure of power and strength. The tests were then repeated twice and a sniff test was conducted by blind folded “sniffers’ after each round of endurance and strength training. Facial recognition monitors then recorded the face of the sniffer in how much it cringed by the amount of deviation from resting. This number was correlated to a value, amount of stank, measured in millimeters.


Old Spice Deodorant produced the lowest facial deviation in amount of stank at 40 and 60 six steps. Old Spice Deodorant produced the second lowest amount of stank at three, six, and nine airflare timepoints, following closely behind Degree Deodorant. This shows that Old Spice Deodorant out performed leading competitors in style and endurance categories but followed closely behind Degree deodorant in Power and strength. Ultimately, Freestyle session decided to reach out to Old spice because... STYLE IS EVERYTHING.


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