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Guide to Bringing Your Date to Dance Events

Don't do it. A dance event is not a good idea for a date, but if you were to bring your girlfriend or boyfriend to a jam...

Dance events are not for everyone, and we’ve noticed that there are some non-dancers in attendance who are obviously at a jam because of his or her significant other, or SO. Tell-tale signs:

  • Not vibing with the music

  • Carrying another phone, another set of keys, or clothing for that one dancer

  • Always in close proximity to one dancer throughout the night

Nine out of ten of them are most likely bored, because this is the millionth time at a jam, or they have been at the venue for over eight hours that day.

As dancers who think we can do better, we have three main tips that’ll help these devoted boyfriends and girlfriends enjoy their time at dance events a bit more.

  • Help them make more friends. Make an effort to make sure that there can be a support group for your SO. The amount of effort depends on how willing your SO is to be social.

  • Keep the dance talks at the right level. Be sure to find ways to include your SO in conversations. In other words, keep the dance talk at the right level where your SO can keep up. This also requires being aware of how much your SO knows about the dance and the scene. If you know that they are not familiar with certain things, take the time to fill them in.

  • Be aware of how spectator-friendly the event will be. If your SO is not a dancer, but you are thinking about bringing them to a local jam or hardcore “raw” event, you probably shouldn’t bring them. Remember, very few people outside the dance scene can tolerate ten hours of dancing in the same room and the resulting body odor. 😐

The main takeaway is to be considerate of your SO’s time and energy. Make it fun and easy for them because, frankly, most dance events aren’t meant for non-dancers. Just saying -  recognize the SO’s that stick around dancers. Big shout out to those boyfriends and girlfriends who support the passion of a dancer!

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