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Guide to Club for Bboys

A club is a place where the male/female species meet at a space of ambience and socialize. Just like on the the Sub African plains, or the streets of your local downtown, there are specific etiquette and mannerisms one must follow to successfully satisfy their clubbing needs.


How do we club?

1. Respect “The Code”

Have you ever heard the saying “There’s plenty of fish in the sea?” People tend to create a false assumption that they have to be in a hurry to court someone. This definitely depends on how someone was raised in their environment. Regardless of that thought process, the truth is that every opportunity is designed to be taken if you are at the right place, at the right time, all the time.

When you go out clubbing with your homies, it is essential to have very clear communication with each other. It should be normal to express your mutual attraction for an attractive person across the floor to your friends. It should be normal that if you had the hots for someone, you can be transparent to your friends that you’d like to make a move upon the situation.

This is important because oftentimes, incidents called “cock block” happens. This is when someone interjects with another during their courting stage with the person of interest. My suggestion to this should be very obvious. Please do not interfere with your friend’s courting process. It’s just good karma. If the female/male that is being courted rejects your friend, than it should be fair that you may now make your attempt while, of course, communicating that within your group/friends. #Teamworkmakesthedreamwork.

2. Casual vs. Club Attire

We understand that going out to the club can be like playing an RPG game. “Which armor will be best for this quest? Is this the right sword for this monster? if I’m fighting a fire based monster, I should be using ice weapons?” Just like video games, specifically MMO’s, RPG’s, etc., knowing your playing space is essential to having a successful quest run.

There are many types of events that happen all around in your local downtown. There’s Vegas Style clubbing, 90’s party, Hip Hop functions, EDM rave-like events, and even pool day parties. Knowing as manydetails about the venue and promotional aspect of the event is important. When you know the details, you can dress effectivelyfor the event.

Guide to what’s:


  • Jeans

  • Sneakers

  • T-shirt

  • Hats/kangols/beanies

  • Tank tops

  • Shorts


  • Dark Jeans

  • Dress shoes

  • Henley shirt

  • Button up dress shirt

  • No hats allowed

  • No tank tops

  • No Shorts

3. Turn OFF the Bboy: This section is for the “Bad boys.”

Your crush isn't there to battle you, and they are not there to see you prove your dance skills against them. Battling against your crush is probably not the best way to go. Don’t top rock with the wall or corner. Just TURN IT OFF.

Remember you are there to have FUN. You’re there to groove to the music. You’re there to PARTY DANCE. You’re there to meet people of the same or opposite sex to build up your social skills. No one WANTS to battle at the club.

There’s been HORROR stories of injuries happen AT the club. Torn meniscus, ACL, sprained ankle... it is a big no no.

4. Don’t try too hard.

Let’s admit it, circles/cyphers are inevitable. Getting down with your boys should always be a pure serene moment that happens organically, but it’s not practice nor a boxing match. I’m 100% sure there has been plenty of times when there was a person that was feeling you……. BUT YOU SCARED THEM OFF. Best tip: Don’t try too hard. Just groove it out and enjoy yourself.

Other things we can troubleshoot:

-If there is a DRUNK guy that wants to go HAM in your circle, let them. It’s for their safety, your safety, and their own humiliation. Let it happen.

-Don’t be creepy and try to grind on someone… ESPECIALLY FROM BEHIND. Make yourself known to have class. Ninjas look cool, but getting assassinated isn’t.

-Don’t bring drinks to someone you want to court. Instead, ask if they want to get a drink together to the bar. It shows reassurance to the the other person that you ain’t about to roofie them.

-Understand that if it gets crowded, you’re gonna bump into people. It’s normal. No need to fight anyone.

5. Don’t Be Cheap

Yes, WE KNOW paying cover sucks. Yes WE KNOW you can totally go to the liquor store and drink that whiskey before going in feeling tipsy. The truth of the matter is there’s no good experience that will cost you the comfort of it being cheap.

Understand that events require time and money to host and manage. Therefore, it will cost attendees the time to get there and a cost of getting in. Now, we’re not saying that every time you want to “woo” someone across the dance floor that the secret is to “buy them a drink,” but the gesture is nice. With that being said, be prepared to have some cash on hand. At least 40-100 bucks. If that’s hard to get, then maybe take some time to reflect on your income and how you can generate more.

I’m not sure where the mindset of “paying cover” beinga bad thing came from. You won’t pay 20 bucks to go into a potentially dope 90’s party, but you’ll pay 400 dollars plus to go to a desert and listen a variety of bands and musicians, which you probably only came to see the two you actually know. (COUGH, COACHELLA, COUGH)

In other words, don’t look at cover as a bad thing. Look at it in a way where it prevents the douches from coming into the establishment. If it prevents other cheapskates from getting in, that means the guy:girl ratio is more balanced at the club.

6. Last but not least: HAVE FUN

Don’t worry about coming home empty handed. Don’t worry about how drunk you got. Don’t worry about the dude that stepped on your fresh white Nike’s.

Just remember that these moments were meant to be remembered. Who do you want to create these memories with and how many memories? Life is short and meant to be for the taking.

Make it your best night ever and remember these 5 simple clubbing etiquette.

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