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Meet Pebblz, 16-year-old B-Girl Champ of Red Bull BC One LA

A self-described “Artivist | King | Warrior” from San Diego, CA, B-Girl Pebblz brings a raw style and ferocity to match those titles.

“I feel like it honestly comes from my ancestors. From my mom, from my grandma,” she said (she has Filipino/Okinawan heritage). “Because if you come in my house you get that--” She slapped the air, beatdown style. “Bam! You know, so it’s natural. And it definitely comes from my ancestors. It’s spiritual.”

And seeing her break, you can tell it’s a spiritual experience for her.

“I leave,” she said. “And then I come back. Yeah, so it’s really dope, that feeling. And I love it every time. And it’s why I keep doing it.”

Pebblz, who reps the crew Cypher St8, competed with some legendary b-girls on her way to the W in LA. She battled SoCal heavy hitter Crissy B in Top 8. Finals was against Rock Steady’s Feenx.

But it was her Top 4 battle that meant the most; she exchanged with one of her inspirations, Wonda. After seeing the decision, Pebblz broke down in tears.

When I battled Wonda it was just like energy. It was just so beautiful and overwhelming. And I’m really happy I battled her. And I really wanted to battle her! Because we have that connection. So, it was really fun. The best!”

Finals, she said, felt like an anime.

“The music and the energy just went into my body. I definitely felt like ‘I’ve got to do this. It’s time.’” She flexed like she was powering up. “You know those anime: ‘Let’s go! Ahhh!’ It felt really epic. And it was. Shouts to everybody that battled.”

Pebblz’s next stop is the Red Bull BC One Camp in Houston. She said she’s sticking to the same approach for the battles and staying open to the experience.

“I feel like whatever happens, happens. But stay tuned guys, for anime season two!”

Shout outs from Pebblz: All the b-girls that battled at the LA Cypher, Pebblz’s fam, Dyno Rock, her mom, her brother, her crew Cypher St8, and Human Catalyst. If you look fresh you dance fresh.

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