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Fresh Fits @ Massive Monkees Day

“You should look how you feel” -Goofball

Fashion is an extension of a dancer’s movements, according to Atomic Goofball. Appropriately, his clothing focuses on bright colors, loud patterns, and positive energy. As a huge fan of Disney films and cartoons, Goofball rocks a Lilo and Stitch button-up that reflects that he is on vacation.

Because Goofball’s dance inspiration also comes from cartoons, his dance style can be compared to the frames of a cartoon. He likes to perform elaborate tricks and threads with his feet, requiring shoes or sneakers that are lightweight and easy to move in.

He prefers bright shoes -- like a neon highlighter that highlights his intricacies. No matter where Goofball goes, he likes to keep his style eccentric, dapper, fresh, and clean.

Mike Titan usually goes with cool colors in his outfits, but for Massive Monkees Day, he decided to rock more warm colors to stand out. Orange felt fresh at the time, so he has orange Nike cap that gives his outfit a pop. Mike’s oversized red and blue windbreaker touches on 90’s fashion. For Mike, comfortability is key and for the most part, he creates his outfit based on how he will stand out. He also has a collection of color swatches saved in his laptop where he could make outfits out of those color palettes. Overall, his main approach to his style is: “If you feel fresh, you dance fresh.”

The 90’s is considered the golden era in Hip Hop, highlighting individuality with colorful, bright, and unique patterns.

Winston, hailing from Austin, Texas, admired the era of 90’s Hip Hop and he kept it alive with MC Hammer-inspired red pants and his red, orange, and purple patterned jacket. 90’s Hip Hop is the era that resonated with Winston the most and he is always on the lookout for colors and patterns that amplify his personality. He rocks the hairstyle that he feels expresses freedom -- a variation to the crew cut that his dad has as a military veteran.

Christin thinks her yellow jacket is so dope that she could wear anything with it and it’ll make her outfit fresh.

"Fashion let's your personality speak for itself. For me, it's a lifestyle choice that braids comfort, functionality, and personality all-in-one." - Christin

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