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Fresh Fits @ FloorGangz Anniversary

Fashion plays an integral part of a dancer’s identity.  As with our craft, we take pride in expressing our own sense of self through what we wear.  During Floor Gangz Anniversary in San Francisco, we chatted with a few people about their fashion choices and uncovered often-overlooked stories that run as deep as the dancers themselves.


Wukong (Circle of Fire) prefers styles with solid patterns and colors.  When choosing brands, he goes for local bboy brands when possible. Wukong believes that what’s fresh is ultimately subjective, but he likes styles that have indigenous or tribal motifs.  At Floorgangz Anniversary, he chose to rock a maroon Soul Signature jersey in support of his friend, Joel Albanez’s, work. He’s also wearing Asic Gel Kayano Trainers.


Ronin’s style is all about freedom.  He’ll wear whatever makes him feel fresh that day, but for sure his go-to brand is Adidas.  Utility-wise, Ronin appreciates looser, easier to breath pieces, though the bucket hat he wears needs to be tight enough to stay on his head.  His personal flair comes from his accessories. The most notable is the charm he wears on his sunglasses. He wears it as a charm for good luck with the blessing of his grandma.  Besides a high school graduation ring, Ronin wears a ring whose design is inspired by Oogway from Kung Fu Panda-- one of his favorite movies-- which he got at a 1st Friday Art Walk in Oakland.


Livic was introduced to hip-hop by his older brother, whom he looked up to.  Hailing from H.I.T. Squad Crew (Heavy in Technique / Hiphop is Tradition), Livic wanted to keep true to hip hop fashions of the late 70s by wearing tracksuits to battles with matching brand socks and shoes (Adidas EQT Running Cushion 93).  What sets Livic apart from the crowd is the designed collar on his FC Bayern Tracktop, a style that was common in tracksuits of the 70s, though no longer prevalent. Livic prides himself in wearing styles that no one else can find.

Along with the tracksuit, Livic is wearing a 5-panel Wu-Tang Clan Hat bearing a design similar to the 2014 Wu-Summer Cup line, which corresponds to his personal appreciation for soccer.

Livic’s accessories showcases his beliefs.  As a spiritual person, he believes in all religions and wears both a Catholic wooden stretch bracelet and a Buddhist handmade rope bracelet.

Joel Albanez

For Joel, the designs that he creates for his Soul Signature brand are heavily inspired by tattoo culture and tribal artforms, most markedly the designs of indigenous Polynesian art.  The impact that he wants his brand to have is to empower those who wear his designs with their ancestors’ strength, knowledge, and history. He has a collective of artists based in the Bay, Hawaii, Tahiti, and New Zealand.  (Feel free to check out his store at www.leomalaya.com)

Nasty Ray

With Nasty Ray, the key force is style without sacrificing range of motion.  It’s a common theme with breakers, but Ray gives extra consideration to details.  His pants and jean jacket are sized slightly bigger for better mobility; the Adidas Superstar II Sneakers he wears has insoles in them; and the trucker hat is ready made for headspins.

On top of the utility, the pieces that he wears also carry personal flairs that reflect what’s important to him.  Ray’s hoodie, a personal piece he received from his family, is emblazoned with his last name. The trucker hat came from a barber shop called, Bedlam Beauty Barber, that is owned by his friend.  As for the ‘B’ on his belt? It stand for Bboy, obviously!


Thango’s style is all about emphasizing how he expresses his energy when he breaks.  He’s also an avid thrifter. Thango enjoys finding pieces that no one else has, and frequents Eco Thrift in San Bernardino, CA.

The clothes you wear dictate how you move, and Thango prefers a looser, more comfortable fit.  He personally modified his silk shirt, for footwear, he chose Vans Checkerboard Slip-ons as they are easy to wear.  His accessories also showcase a bit of his personality. The earrings he wears are similar to the one Paul wears from the movie The Lost Boys (one of his fashion inspirations).  The guitar pick necklace, highlights his appreciation of psychedelic rock and another of his inspirations, Jimi Hendrix.  Finally, he wears black lounge pants with heart motifs to highlight one of his favorite characters from the anime Hunter x Hunter.

Dyno, Piggy Rock, Pebblz, Domo

For these for members of Cypher City crew, their style is all about repping their hometown of San Diego and their ancestry.  As is a trend with other breakers, all four enjoy looser clothes for more comfortable movement on the floor.

Dyno and Piggy like the simple contrast between black and white as well as designs that are clean and solid overall.  Their style choice is also reflected in the way they break. As a couple, they like to match, sporting the same shoes as well as socks that acknowledge each other’s names.

For a bit of individuality, Pebblz chose to deviate, preferring solid colors.  Her style is inspired by Aaliyah and her Okinawan heritage.

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